1. Quality

Picture framing is as much a science as it is an art, so you want your framer to be well versed in the technical aspects of custom framing. Your framer must be experienced in the use of the latest methods for preservation and display of your important items such as a child’s drawing, needlework, diploma, photograph, sporting memorabilia, or priceless heirloom. You want to ensure the mounting, matting, frame and glass protects it all for a lifetime without affecting the item itself. The experience and longevity of Art Poster and its framers are unprecedented in the picture faming, art industry. Drawing on over 29 years of experience. We have technical expertise and the right equipment, as well as creativity.

2. Creativity

We said earlier that picture framing is as much a science as an art – well, here’s where the “art” part comes into play. A framer can tell you a white mat, and a wooden frame for your print is ok – and maybe that’s just what you need or want. We can certainly do that. But what if you want something … more? How about something that makes you say, “Wow!” and makes you smile every time you walk by it as it hangs on your wall. That’s what Andrew and Christian as designers and framers at Art Poster framing do every day. From the simplest framing of a poster to a complicated shadowbox with artfully arranged priceless antiques, Andrew and Christian can select the perfect frame design to enhance your prized artwork.

3. Longevity

Let’s say you have something framed, someone knocks it off your wall and it breaks or the art slips off its mount. You try to take it back to the framer, but lo and behold, they have gone out of business. Art Poster has been here since the 1980’s making it one of the most reliable custom art framers in Tasmania, many of our satisfied customers will attest to that. We hope to be here another 100 years (although not with the current owners, we’d be too old!).

Our framing is guaranteed for life – yours and ours! 

You might notice that nowhere above do we mention price. Of course, price is important. Most people don’t have a fortune lying around these days. (If you do, however, can I interest you in some beautiful art?) Art Poster’s prices are competitive – we wouldn’t be in business this long if they weren’t. However, generally speaking, 60% off an inflated price or cheap framing (as many of our competitors advertise or offer) will not save you money – especially in the long run. In our 29 years plus in the business, we have “fixed” many, 60% off or cheap framing jobs.

Our Guarantee - worry free framing 

 We’re proud of the work we do. If for any reason you are dissatisfied we will make it right for you. If you don’t like the colour of the mat, we’ll change it for you. If you don’t like the frame, we’ll change it for you, broken glass, dropped frame, bring it back to us We will repair any defects in workmanship on any of our frames we guarantee everything we do subject to our usual terms and conditions. ArtPoster will preserve and protect your precious photo, print, diploma, child’s drawing or original art so you can enjoy looking at it for a lifetime. Consider our EXPERIENCE, CREATIVITY and LONGEVITY, and bring your items to Art Poster for framing with the best materials, up-todate methods and latest technology. Our hands on service allows us to produce the finest product quickly.


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